Ultra Edit Environment Define syntax highlighting for programming language


- Info:

- This tutorial shows how to define which syntax highlighting will be used for certain programming languages.


- Define Wordfile:

- Check if different programming languages are given when you choose: View View as.

- If no options are given you must point UltraEdit to wordfile containing syntax highlighting for languages:

- Advanced Configuration Editor Display Syntax highilghting

Browse: D:\Installed\Support\UltraEdit14\wordfile.txt OK


- Add Language:

- You can also add syntax highlighting for other languages from http://www.ultraedit.com/downloads/extras.html.

- RC on C# Save link as... File name: C:\Downloads\csharp.txt Save

- Paste content of C:\Downloads\csharp.txt to the end of D:\Installed\Support\UltraEdit14\wordfile.txt.