·  Ultra Edit – Environment Tool Configuration ANT


- Info: 

  - This tutorial demonstrates how to use Ultra Edit Tool Configuration to run NAT scripts.


- Run ANT script:

  - Advanced – Tool Configuration

  - Command Line:     ant -buildfile C:\TEMP\ant\build.xml -Dfilename=%n -Dpath=%p

  - Menu Item Name:   ANT

  - Command Output:  Output to List Box          (Output is shwon in: Window – Output Window)

  - Capture Output:    select

  - Insert



    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <project basedir="." default="default" name="MyAntJava">


      <target name = "default"

        depends = "compile,run"> 



      <target name="compile" >

        <javac  srcdir = "${path}"/>



      <target name="run">

        <exec command="java -cp .;${path} ${filename}"/>