·  DHTML – Scripts


- Info:

  - Scripts are client side languages.

  - Scripts use client's computer to make the web page dynamic.

  - Most popular scripts are Java Script and Visual Basic Script.

  - Following example demonstrates how to use JS and VBS to create web page calculator.


- Example.html

  <input type="text"   id="Argument" value="5"                     > <br>

  <input type="button" id="Trade"    value="+10=" onclick="add10()"> <br>

  <input type="text"   id="Result"                                 > <br>


  <script language="JAVASCRIPT" type="TEXT/JAVASCRIPT">

    function add10() {

      window.alert("I will ad 10!");

      argument     = document.getElementById("Argument");

      result       = document.getElementById("Result");

      result.value = Number(10) + Number(argument.value);