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- Info:

  - PerlSvc utility converts a Perl program to a native Windows service with an .exe extension.

  - There are two types of services that can be generated: 

    - For dependent services ActivePerl must be installed on the target computer.

    - For freestanding services ActivePerl needn't be installed on the target computer.

  - This tutorial is based on:




- Procedure:

  -  Create MyService.pl.


  -  perlsvc   --verbose myservice.pl

  - Creates a freestanding executable file named myservice.exe

  -  myservice --install

  - MyService installed as MyService Display.

  -  myservice --install auto

  - Installs myservice.exe as a service automaticly loaded at system startup.

  -  net start TestSvc

  - Manually start servic.

  -  net stop  TestSvc

  - Stop & uninstall service.

  -  myservice --remove

  - Remove service.



    package PerlSvc;


    $PerlSvc::Name        = "MyService";        #Short name by which your service is known.

    $PerlSvc::DisplayName = "MyService Display";    #Display name in Windows Control Panel.


    sub PerlSvc::Startup(){                  #Function called when the service is started.

      my $exitloop = 1;

      my $sleep    = 1;


      while ($exitloop) {

        $outputFile = "C:/TEMP/Perl/myservice.log";

        if(!open(myOutput, ">>$outputFile ")) { print("Could not open".$outputFile); }    

        print(myOutput localtime(time)."\n");

        print localtime(time)."\n";

        close(myOutput );

        sleep $sleep;