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- Info:

  - This tutorial shows how to perform additional tests after PEAR installation.

  - This tutorial is based on http://pear.php.net/manual/en/installation.checking.php.


- Test PEAR version:

  - Start MSDOS

  - pear version

    PEAR Version: 1.9.0

    PHP Version: 5.3.3

    Zend Engine Version: 2.3.0

    Running on: Windows NT DESKTOP 5.1 build 2600 (Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3) i586


- Check PEAR Installation dir:

  - This is directory where PEAR will install files.

  - It should contain System.php.

  - Start MSDOS

  - pear config-get php_dir



- Check which php.ini is used:

  - Start MSDOS

  - php --ini

    Configuration File (php.ini) Path: C:\WINDOWS

    Loaded Configuration File:         D:\Installed\Programming\PHP533\php.ini

    Scan for additional .ini files in: (none)

    Additional .ini files parsed:      (none)

  - If Loaded Configuration File: (none) create php.ini by copying

    C:\Installed\Programming\PHP528\php.ini-recommended as php.ini.


- Check php include_path:

  - Start MSDOS

  - php -c "D:\Installed\Programming\PHP533\php.ini" -r "echo get_include_path();"


  - If you get different output check path to php.ini like correct partition or PHP version/installation.


- Try including file from PEAR:

  - This example checks if there is class System inside D:\Installed\Programming\PHP533\PEAR\System.php.

  - Create C:\temp\Test.php

  - Start MSDOS

  - C:

  - cd C:\temp

  - php Test.php





      require_once 'System.php';

      var_dump(class_exists('System', false));