·  PHP – Terms – php.ini – Introduction


- Info:

  - This tutorial explains some of the mostly used parameters from php.ini.

  - php.ini is PHP configuration file which determines behaviour of your PHP installation.


- register_globals:

  - On     PHP will automatically initialize each variable that has the same name as parameter in HTTP Request

           This is demonstrated in PHP HTTP Requesta Parameters Initialize Automatically.

  - Off    To read HTTP Request parameters you need to use global arrays.

           This is demonstrated in PHP HTTP Requests Parameters Read from global array.


- cgi.force_redirect:

  - 1      If PHP is installed on IIS this parameter needs to be 1. 

  - 0      If PHP is not being installed on IIS leave this parameter to 0. 


- short_open_tag:

  - On     You can use short open PHP tag <?.

  - Off    You can't use short open PHP tag <?. You must use <?php instead. This open tag is prefered.


- Loaded Configuration File:

  - C:\PHP528\php.ini  Path of the php.ini used.

  - (none)             No php.ini used. Instead parameters are set to their default values.