GENETICS Terms Amino Acid Proline


- Info:

- Proline chemical formula is C5H9NO2.

- Proline is non-essential amino acid which means that humans can synthesise it.

- Proline is the only imino acid amongst 19 amino acids which are found in common proteins.

- Proline nitrogen has 1 not 2 hydrogen atoms attached, and when this is used in bonding there is no other hydrogen atom

to form hydrogen bonds.

- The presence of proline therefore distorts the shape of an alpha helix, although it does not do so if it is the first or

second in the polypeptide chain (counting from the N-terminal end). It also prevents the formation of beta-pleated sheet.

- Prolin can be synthesized from glutamic acid.

- Proline improves skin texture and aids collagen formation and helps contain the loss of collagen during aging.

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