AWStats Install IIS


- Info:

- This tutorial shows how to install AWStats on IIS-Internet Information Server.

- IIS is Web Application Server and it is needed to access statistical web pages generated by AWStats.


- Download:

- [Download/Contribs]

- Save as D:\Downloads\


- Extract:

- Extract D:\Downloads\ to C:\Installed\Support.

- Rename D:\Installed\Support\awstats-6.7 to AWStatst to avoid CGI Timeout when accessing


- Add IIS Virtual Directory:

- Start Settings Control Panel Administrative Tools Internet Information Services

- ZWIGORETA Web Sites RC Default Web Site New Virtual Directory... Next Alias: AWStats Next

- Directory: C:\Installed\Support\AWStats\wwwroot Next Execute: CHECK Next Finish


- Test:

- http://localhost/AWStats/icon/other/awstats_logo1.png

- http://localhost/AWStats/cgi-bin/

Error: Couldn't open config file "awstats.localhost.conf"