AWStats Introduction


- Info:

- AWStats is PERL application for creating statistical reports from access log files which log web site activity.

- Language in which reports are created can be defined with Lang parameter.

- If logs are using non english month names you would have to translate them directly in as described in:

AWStats Errors bad date format for month, may be month are not in english

- AWStats home page is located at



- is used to create DB files in text or xml format as defined with BuildHistoryFormat parameter.

- is used to create specific static HTML or XHTML report from DB files.

- can be called from Web Application Server when it acts as interactive Web Application.

In this case no report files are created, they are generated on the fly as requested and displayed in the browser.



- is used to create multiple static reports by multiple calls to

It can also call HTMLDOC to convert generated reports to PDF.



- HTMLDOC is separate commercial application that can be used to convert HTML to PDF files.