BIBLE Jewish War Causes


- Info:

- In 66, the Roman emperor Nero needed money.

- He ordered his representative in Judaea, Gessius Florus, to confiscate it from the Temple treasure.

The governor was not amused when some Jewish jokers passed the hat around for 'our poor procurator Florus'.

When policemen could not find the mockers, he had some passersby arrested and crucified.

This incident was the final trigger which led to war.

- The real reason for the war was the impoverishment of the Jewish peasantry

- Sixty years of Roman taxation made Jew peasants poor, many having to sell their lands.

- People had become unemployed when the renovation of the temple was finished in 63.

- Temple priests were working hard to control peasant's anger but by this time most people considered them corrupt.

The war of 66-70 was not only a war between the Romans and Jews; it was also a class struggle.

- At the end of 64, there had been a comet which they saw as fulfillment of prophecy in the book of Numbers (24.17).

Prophecy predicted arrival of Messiah which is to lead them in the great war of liberation, which gave them hope:

"a star shall come forth out of Jacob, a scepter shall rise out of Israel".