BIBLE Jewish War Escalation


- Info:

- In 66 Roman one of Roman garrisons in Jerusalem was annihilated.

- Menahem was the son or the grandson of Judas the Galilean, who had led an anti-Roman revolt in 6 CE.

His group was called Sicarians ('dagger men').

They hailed their leader as king of the Jews and went to Jerusalem.

- In August 66, Menahem made a raid on the fortress of Masada, where he seized lots of weapons.

After that they went to Jerusalem where they laid siege to the remaining Roman garrison.

New king Menahem executed high priest Ananias.

But when he went to the Temple, he was lynched by the supporters of Ananias' son.

Sicarians left Jerusalem and returned to Masada, which they used as a base for a guerilla war, until their defeat in 74.

- In September 66, the Romans in Jerusalem surrendered and were lynched.

- Meanwhile, the Greek inhabitants of Caesarea, which was capial of Judea, attacked their Jewish neighbors.

Jews replied in kind, expelling many Greeks from Judaea, Galilee and the Golan heights.

- When Gessius Florus was replaced, the governor of Syria, Gaius Cestius Gallus, tried to pacify the rebellious province.

He led XII legion,called Fulminata toward Jerusalem.

It was reinforced with units of III Gallica, IIII Scythica and VI Ferrata legions, plus auxiliaries and allies.

It liberated the pro-Roman capital of Galilee, Sepphoris, and continued to Jerusalem.

- In November, the army was forced to return.

On his way back, Gaius was defeated by one of the leaders of the Zealots, Eleaser son of Simon.

Humiliation was added to the disgrace since the legion lost its standard.

- It was clear that Romans would return with larger army.

Therefore many people left Jerusalem, leaving it in the hands of radicals.

Among those who went away, were the Jewish Christians.