BIBLE Jewish War Jerusalem city parts


- Info:

- The city as a whole consisted of four parts.


- Old Town:

- The Old Town was situated on a steep plateau in the south.

- It's walls faced the Valley of Hinnom in the west and south, were old but almost impossible to assail.

- Here, Simon he commanded 10,000 Jewish warriors and 5,000 Idumeans.


- Temple:

- In the east was the Temple complex, occupied by Eleaser's Zealots, 2,400.

- Since the Passover massacre, they were controled by John.

- This inner bulwark was next to the Kidron ravine, which prevented any attack.

- Part of the Temple complex was a lofty castle called Antonia.


- New Town:

- West of the Temple complex was the New Town, which had walls of its own, built in the forties.

- It was occupied by the 6,000 men of John's militia.


- Bezetha:

- More to the north was a quarter named Bezetha (which also means New Town).

- Bezetha had only recently been added to the city and it had not many inhabitants and old graves could still be seen

between the houses.

- Since the siege started at Passover, half a million pilgrims were trapped inside the city, and were forced to live in tents

in Bezetha.

- Its walls were high and a series of sixty feet high towers dominated the scene, but for the Romans there was at least one

advantage: there was no valley in front of them.

- It was the logical place to attack Jerusalem.