BIBLE Literary Terms Methaphor


- Info:

- Methaphor is figure of speech when given expression or subject has dual meaning: literal and alternative.

It is then said that literal meaning is metaphor for alternative meaning.

- Example of methaphor is: "The spy shadowed the woman".

Literal meaning is that spy literally casts his shadow on the woman.

Alternative meaning is that spy follows the woman so closely and quietly that he resembles her own shadow.

- Sometimes to identify expression as methaphor additional information, not presented in metaphor, is needed.

"At the city of Gadara Jesus expelled deamons from possessed man" is metaphor for

"From city of Gadara Roman emperor Titus expelled rebels which were under the leadership of John."

Jesus is methaphor for Titus, possessed man is methaphor for John and deamons are methaphor for rebels.