COMPOSICA Elements Hot Spots


- Info:

- Hot spots allows you to show one or more elements when certain event occurs on one or more other elements.

- Each "Hot Spots Element" can have one or more "Hot Spots Pairs".

- Each "Hot Spots Pair" can contain one or more "Hot Spots" and "Hot Popups".

- "Hot Spots" are paired with their "Hot Popus" by having the same integer value in property "Popup Index".

- When you do certain event on any "Hot Spot", paired "Hot Popups" will apear.

- Supported events are: on click, on roll over and timer.

- Hot popups activated by click can be closed with another click.

- Hot popups activated with timer apear after predefined time.

You can define if hot popup should then remain visible (0 sec) or hidden after specfic amount of time (10 sec).

- Hot popups activated with mouse roll over disapear when mouse leaves hot spots.