·  PHOTOSHOP – Tutorials – Layers


- Info:

  - Each image in photoshop is made off one or more layers/images placed on top of each other.

  - Each layer is shown as thumbnail in layers window which is activated by: Window – Layers.


- Layers Window:

  - Layers can be draged up and down to define order in which they are placed atop of each oder in resulting image.


  - Icons:

    - Eye icon defines if layer is visible in resulting image.

      You can enable/disable layer visibility simply by clicking on the square where eye icon appears.

    - Paint brush icon defines target layer on which you are currently painting.

      You can define target layer simply by selecting it's thumbnail or name.

      Target layer needs to be visible, has eye icon, in order to paint on it.

    - Chain icon defines that layers are linked which can be used to create layer sets.


  - Locks:

    - Lock Transparent Pixels means that no changes will be made to transparent pixels.

    - Lock Image Pixels means that no changes can be made to pixels except as result of moving Layer.

    - Lock Position means that Layer can't be moved.

    - Lock All means that no changes can be made to Layer, neither pixels or position can be changed.