PHOTOSHOP Tutorials Remove Red Eye


- Info:

- This tutorial shows how to remove red eye from picture taken by camera.

- Red component is removed by decreasing it from 100% to 0%.

To preserve brightness level green and blue component are increased by 50%.

- Complex tutorial uses Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer who has mask with black and white parts.

Channel Mixer properties are applyed only to those pixels which are below white parts of its Mask.


- Procedure Simple:

- Elliptical Marguee Tool Select red part of eye

- Image Adjustment Channel Mixer Red: 0% Green: 50% Blue: 50% OK



- Procedure Complex:

- Layer New Adjustment Layer Channel Mixer Red: 0% Green: 50% Blue: 50% OK

- Rectangle Tool Fill Pixels Set Forgeround Color: Black Drow rectangle over entire image (original colors appear)

- Set Forgeround Color: White Pencil Tool Draw over red part of the eye