·  RAPTIVITY – Components


- Info:

  - Images are shown in sequence accompanied with audio.

  - Next image is shown after audio ends or maximum "Time Interval" elapses.


Fun Crossword

Seven-cell Crossword

Six-cell Crossword

Five-cell Crossword







Quiz Crossword

Audio-visual Crossword







Classification Exercise

with Timed Options



Quadrant Practice

Create a Tree





Radial Classification

Two circles Venn

diagram practice

Three circles Venn

diagram Practice

Venn diagram Practice





System Flow Diagram

Practice - Three-parts

Cycle practice

System Flow Diagram

Practice - Five-parts

System Flow Diagram

Practice - Six-parts





Labeling Exercise

Pairing - Immediate Feedback

Select and Sequence

Sentence Sequencing Exercise






Analogous Pair

with fixed attempts

Pairing - Immediate Feedback


Pairing – Delayed Feedback








Slide Show

Picture Show







Panning Cards

Study Card Deck

Study Card Shuffle

Memory Aid Peeler






Flash Cards - Text

Flash Cards - Images

Flash Cards - Media








Glossary - Tab Style

Glossary - Search Box








FAQ - Advanced

FAQ on Demand







Escape the Hangman

Wild Cards - Time bound

Swap the letters

Letter pool







Graphic Choice

Single Selections

Graphic Choice

Multiple Selections








Screen Familiarization

Rollovers on Components

Fill in the Blanks

with Dropdown List

Tree - Vertical







Venn diagram

Two circles Venn diagram

Triarchic Venn diagram








Code Snippet Highlight

using Mouse

Code Snippet Highlight

- Mouse Rollover







Find a mistake

Dynamic bullet list

Animated list display

Bulleted list with

synchronized sound





Bulleted list with

synchronized sound

and Highlight

On demand Bullet list

Sound text synchronization

Two bullet points





Find the words

Recall and Pair

Fact based learning

Analysis based learning







Connect the words

Rollover Word Definitions