·  Roccat Kone


- Info:

  - This is review of Roccat Kone mouse.

  - Roccat Kone home page is http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Mice/ROCCAT-Kone/


- Pros:


  - Looks:

    - The best looking mouse ever.


- Cons:


  - Looks:

    - Front parts of side lines aren't visible when looking at the mouse from the sides because they have sharp slope

      downword which gets them hidden behind non trasparent plastic part.


  - Weight:

    - If you insert any of the included weights mouse becomes wobbly probably because weights touch the desk.

    - Roccat claims this to be an utlra light mouse but this is far from truth since 118g makes for one heavy mouse.

      Logitec G1 80g are ultra light.


  - Buttons:

    - Top buttons are incredably hard to press.


  - Wheel:

    - Wheel is also incredebly hard to press.

    - When you buy a mouse you have to decide either to have tilt wheel which is hard to press or not to have tilt wheel

      which is easy to press.

    - There are a lot of reports of wheel braking down after few weeks.

      Roccat admits mistake, repalces faulty units and has issued a new version which supposedly solves this problem.


  - Shape:

    - I find the shape highly uncomfortable making my hand, especially fingers, heart a lot after few minutes of use.

    - With all those curves and depressions I just don't know how to hold the mouse.

    - Right side of the mouse has sharp edge which is very uncomfortable for ring finger.

      There is not enough space to put it on top of the mouse.

      Because of the sharp shape it is uncomfartable to have it lean on it like you could nicely do on Intelli Mouse.

      Placing it to the right side isn't comfortable either.

      I suspect the reason for this is that it was designed not to be comfortable but to allow easy in game pickup which is

      not possible if the mouse is ergonomic like Ergo 525 or Ikari Steel Series.


  - Drivers:

    - Drivers are very problematic.

    - After using them for few week I lost the ability to map customized macro to wheel middle button.

      Roccat answer was that this is such a minor inconvience in a 100$ mouse packet with lots of other features that they

      don't intend to replace it.

      I guess the idea is if half of the button are working you should be fine playing your favorite FPS.

    - When you change custom macro you have to first assign different macro to the button and then reassign this

        changed macro again to that button eitherwise changes are not visible.

    - Drivers do not allow you to assign double or multiple clicks on the buttons.

    - It is also not possible to assign more then one action for each button.

      This is why I am trying to create my own drivers which would allow you following.

      If button is pressed once activae Copy, and if it was pressed twice activate Cut.

      After that button goes into Paste mode.

      Now if you press it once Paste is activated and if you press it twice Unformated Paste is activate.

      This way you can get a lot more functionality from the mouse then what is allowed by usuall drivers.


  - Mouse Feets:

    - Mouse feets have plastic frame and this solution collects a lot of dust unlike Razers solution without plastic frame.

    - Mouse doesn't glide easily at all, nothing like Razer's gliding on ice feeling.


  - Package:

    - Mouse comes in sealed package so forget about returning it once it gets opened.

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