·  Word – 2003 – Fields – LINK


- Info:

  - Link is part of text, called destination, that looks the same as some other part of text, called source, to which it is linked.

  - Link is implemented as LINK field and it needs to be refreshed using F9 after you change source.

  - Bookmark needs to be created at source which is done automaticly in procedure 1 using name like OLE_LINK13.

  - LINK field can be created in 3 different ways as shown below.

  - Word.Document.8 means that link is in Word Document file.

  - You must use full path to the document containing source.

  - If source is {SEQ Formula} use \t instead \r.


- Procedure 1 – Using Menus:

  - Type text – Select Text – Edit – Copy – Position Cursor – Edit – Paste Special – Paste Link – Unformated Text – OK


- Procedure 2 – Creating Field LINK with field commands:

  - Select Source – Insert – Bookmark – SourceBookmark – OK

  - Select place for destination – Ctrl+F9 – { LINK Word.Document.8 "Document1" "SourceBookmark" \a \t }


- Procedure 3 – Creating Field LINK with Visual Basic Macro:

  Sub Macro5()

  Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=True, DataType:=wdPasteText, Placement:= _

  wdFloatOverText, DisplayAsIcon:=False

  End Sub


- Examples:

  Sogggssddurce    Error! Not a valid link.

  Sorrrreeeurce      Sorrrreeeurce


- Field Codes:

  \a    update field automaticly, THIS ISN'T WORKING

  \t    Inserts the linked object in text-only format.     Use this.

  \r    Inserts the linked object in rich-text format (RTF)