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Quick Start

This is first Book in the series

1. KOTLIN – Quick Start

2. JETPACK COMPOSE – Quick Start


Intention of this Book is to get you quickly started with KOTLIN Programming Language Syntax.

Standalone Tutorials

The core of this Book are standalone tutorials that explain different functionalities of KOTLIN Programming Language. Each tutorial contains minimum amount of code and text needed to explain specific functionality. Such simple examples allow full understanding of the functionality without any unnecessary distractions. This approach allows students to grasp presented concepts in a fast and efficient manner.

Theoretical Background

Where needed tutorials are preceded by chapters focusing on theoretical background. This way reader can fully understand functionalities explained in the subsequent chapters. But such chapters are in minority and of secondary importance because the main focus is on code examples.

How to use this Book

Purpose of this Book is to learn functionalities covered by the tutorials in three steps:
1. Go through tutorials to learn specific functionalities
2. Go through Summary chapter which will help you organize what you have learned
3. Start practicing by repeating tutorials or doing your work while using Summary chapter as reference

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