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Quick Start


Intention of this Book is to quickly get you started using Spring Boot to develop Web Applications.

Book covers basic functionalities like: Controllers, Endpoints, Entities, DTOs, Services, Repositories.

Standalone Tutorials

The core of this Book are standalone tutorials that explain different functionalities of Spring Boot.

Each tutorial contains minimum amount of code needed to explain specific functionality.

And also minimum amount of encompassing text that explains related theory and different parts of the code.

This approach allows students to grasp presented concepts in a very fast and efficient manner.

Full code, which can also be downloaded from GitHub, prevents any time being wasted trying to make the code work.

Simple examples allow for full understanding of the functionality without any unnecessary distractions.

Theoretical Background

Where needed tutorials are preceded by chapters focusing on theoretical background.

This way reader can fully understand functionalities explained in the subsequent chapters.

But such chapters are in minority and of secondary importance because the main focus is on practical applications.

Demo Applications

Book contains demo Applications that show how to combine functionalities covered in previous tutorials. More complex Application “Authors & Books” is broken into multiple steps showing how to add additional functionalities at each step.

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